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Our Teams in Europe

Our teams

 Countries where our teams are located

 Countries in which we operate

Our teams are located in the following areas :


– Lyon
– Paris
– Lille
– Bordeaux
– Tours
– Marseille
– Nice


– Mannheim
– Munich
– Hamburg
– Schwerin
– Frankfurt am Main
– Berlin
– Dortmund
– Erfurt
– Braunschweig


– Basel
– Zurich
– Fribourg


– Madrid
– Barcelona
– Malaga


– Prag
– Brno

All our teams are equipped with commercial vehicles, extensive tool sets and plenty of experience in the regarding fitting project. On demand, we will send you an extensive team list with specialisations, experience, manpower and location.


Our carpenters, fitters, partners, are spread all over Europe. Indeed they are based in France, in Germany, in Switzerland, in Spain, and in Czech Republic. Our offices are in France and in Germany. However, our partner teams are based and spread in several countries. They can act wherever our customers want us to in Europe. Furniture assembly can refer to an operation in which our shop installers. In addition, fitters and carpenters can assemble furnitures that our customers provide them.

They can also intervene in fitting  in a lot of countries in which they are not specifically based. Indeed, they can act in Italy, the Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden. They can also act in Finland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria and Ireland.


Our teams are composed with service providers. They are going to transform your global and international project into a local one. They use commercial vehicles. Our shop fitters, furniture layers and carpenters are always on time, punctual. They indeed guarantee a total satisfaction of our customers. In general, our teams assemble shelvings, racking in some shops, heavy shelvings too. They can also install furniture for hotel chains, boats or boutiques.


Fitting teams, teams installer, shopfitting companies are equipped with utility vehicles. They also have tools that enables them to work efficiently. The assembly, the fitting and the layout of furnitures are insured by our expertise teams. Moreover, they furnish a high quality work. We have the materials you need to insure a service. What is more, we in the shortest amount of time.


Our teams are spread all over Europe. In addition, they can travel from one point to another without any problem. Hence they can get where our customers need them to be. Shop fitting, interior fitting and shelving and stockage are our speciality. Our teams are here to carry out our customers’ global projects. As a result they can transform them into local ones. We can take care of small daily projects. However, we also can take care of bigger projects, on several days. By the way, you can contact us by telephone or by mail for more information. We will answer very quickly.


Our service providers, teams, are available anywhere in Europe. We are indeed a european fitting company that executes assembly services. We also do furniture installation for shops, hotel fitting, interior fitting. Consequently, we act everywhere in Europe. In addition, we can move to our customers’ place.


What is more, culture is a fundamental element in fitting in Europe. Indeed, the language barrier, the culture, the norms and rules can disturb the project and the work of our employees. But our teams are trainees to avoid this kind of intercultural problems and will not have any trouble with intercultural differences. Interculturalism is our cup of tea in Assembly Partners.