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We perform your installation projects in Europe.
Whether for purposes of fitting or shelving, in shops or in hotel rooms, a proper installation is a highly demanding job. If you add cultural, geographical, linguistic and regulatory constraints, a project can quickly end in a fiasco. We can support you with our international know-how. We have a network of several international teams with language skills in various crafts that can perform your fitting projects perfectly.

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Our Services

As a European installation company, Assembly Partners has a range of services for you to avail of for your fitting project.


Shop installation remains our strongest expertise. Whether strong brands, pan-European roll-out, multi-disciplinary and / or multinational teams, we are the right partner to take on complex tasks at a competitive price-performance ratio.


The quality of products is only as good as they are installed. Assembly Partners stands for professional installations in interior design. Whether large projects with multiple installation teams or small refurbishments: We can show significant reference objects.


Even in rack and shelf installation, we operate with a specialized team. Gladly our shelving team is also working for you as an external assembly provider.


Shop fitting is our main field. For instance, we install corners, shops and shelvings all over Europe. We can also install them in the other occidental and central countries. In addition, our carpenters and furniture layers are the best partners. They install furnitures in airports, boats and shopping centers. We are the specialists in shop fitting and store layout. Our teams have already worked for renowned brands and leaders that trust us.

We do not do Business to Consumer (B to C), rather Business to Business (B to B). We work for corporations that are looking for fitter teams. For instance, furniture layers and efficient carpenters are an example of these teams. Our teams are productive and internationally based. For companies, we dispose of all that you need in terms of assembly and shop fitting. Indeed, they have the necessary tools and means to develop and carry out your projects of furniture assembly and shop layout.


Our teams are composed with carpenters, furniture layers or even fitters. Also, our partner teams carry out all of our customers’ fitting projects. They can work for shops and hotel chains, shop fitting and store layout, interior fitting, shelving. Of course, all of that at a good quality-price ratio. However, no hidden fees or incidental expenses. We are totally transparent with our clients.

Assembler working in a shop

Assembler working in a shop

We also carry out roll-outs. Shopfitting is really our speciality. Indeed, it is about fitting out, tidying, assemble furnitures for shops, hotel chains, boutiques, and even boats. Our carpenters and fitters are specialized and expertised in their jobs. They are available to assemble the furniture that you need and as you want it. It should be noted that store layout and shop layout is also a synonym for shop fitting. What is more, a shop fitter can be a furniture layer.


Furniture assembly is also our main field. We can install shelvings and rankings, in particular the Tego Metall shelvings. Tego Metall is a shelving system that enables to clip shelvings of a very simple way, without any tools or screws. Thus the parts of the shelvings fit into each other. Thanks to this system, our teams are rapidly trained. Hence they can proceed to an efficient assembly of your shelvings.

Furniture assembled in a store

Furniture assembled in a store

Our partner teams can also build and assemble heavy shelving. We can act in duty-free in airports, as we have already done it several times for renowned brands. We can take care of everything. Indeed, we give information to our teams about safety norms and rules. We want to make sure that the furniture assembly process goes smoothly. Our Assembly Partners also lay out hypermarkets, superstores, supermarkets. What is more, they can also carry out famous brands’ projects.


Boutique and shop fitting enables a good reception of the customers and is indispensable. We take care of the fitting and the hotels layout, especially the bedrooms. Our furniture layers, our carpenters and our fitters are qualified. Moreover, they are specialized and guarantee an assembly and a fitting of high quality. Our teams are composed with carpenters coming from carpentries all over Europe. They attach a certain importance to the quality of the furniture assembly. Furthermore, carpenters and fitters are always on time.

Carpenter working on some furniture

Carpenter working on some furniture

Customers demand a good installation for their shop, hotel, supermarket, hyper store or boutique. In addition, they have to be of an irreproachable appearance. Shelving is also important because it enables a certain disposal of the products. By the way, these products can be of all sizes and all weights. Hence that is the reason why our customers choose our qualified carpenters partners. A good installation is necessary.


Fitters and carpenters are based internationally. They are going to carry out your fitting and assembly projects of shelving, corners. They can carry out a service offer of a good quality, whether it is in shops or supermarkets. It can also be installations in airports. Our customers do not hesitate to give us their fit projects. They can be interior fittings projects, racking projects in shops or hotels. In hotels, our commercial shop fitters and furniture installers can take care of the fitting of the hotel reception. They especially act in hotel bedrooms. For example, they assemble furnitures such as pedestal tables, tables, beds, bedside tables.

Furthermore, our teams offer tailor-made services. The speed of installation, the furniture assembly and layout for our customers is indispensable and necessary. Time is money. Assembly partners is aware of this time issue. It therefore executes your projects within the time limit. Fitting services, assembly services, shopfitting services are our speciality. Furniture assembly services are our job too. We have a good reputation with our customers. Indeed, we take into account the culture of our customers’ countries. We also make sure that our teams and our clients can understand each other without any issue.


Our shop installers also carry out our fitting service offers in boutiques. They are indeed smaller than shops and supermarkets. They can also install and assemble furnitures in shops of POS (Point of Sales). As for supermarkets, we can take care of checkouts, check-out assembly. This is where customers go to pay when they finish their grocery shopping. Moreover, we will know how to install technologies allowing to proceed to check-out.

Assembling is one of our specialities. We also carry out other service offers. For example, we can do interior painting, dismantling. We can remove furnitures that our customers do not want anymore. Our teams can also carry out dry walling. We take care of maintenance and repair of our clients’ furnitures. What is more, points of sales are something we can take care of. We have a good and in-depth knowledge of trade shows and exhibition fairs, POS installation. Moreover, our customers can trust our teams to arrive on time. They will carry out the assembly of stands and corners. Finally, our commercial shop fitters can assemble furnitures for our customers’ point of sales.